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The Müheler forest existed long before it became the Müheler forest. No time, however, has been so far-reaching for the forest as that which started 450 years ago. At that time, the Müheler acquired the legal ownership of their forest. Some Suhrentaler municipalities officially only came into the possession of the nearby forest, by buying the Bernese conquerors. There is no proof of purchase for the Müheler Wald. The year of birth is 1568, the year in which the forest of Muhen was mentioned for the first time in a document.

Since then he supplies the villagers with grassland, construction and firewood. Sometimes people used the forest so much that it shrunk to a very small part. The four-day festival for 450 years of forest mum from next Thursday is also used by the community to thank her green lung for all her services. And there were not a few of them. "In the 16th century, many inhabitants who did not have their own land grazed their goats and pigs in the forest, so the forest floor was completely eaten," says forest manager Urs Gsell of the Muhen-Hirschthal-Holziken forestry. He belongs to the OK of the forest festival and has designed an adventure course with which the visitors will get to know. You will learn about how people have used the forest over the centuries. Heavily felled in the 17th century. Wood was used as fuel and cultivated land to keep and feed animals. "At that time Switzerland had only 17 percent forest, half less than today," says Gsell.

Köhler acts in the course

With a steadily growing population, wood was also needed as an energy supplier in the 18th century. How it was made of coal, visitors can see at a post of the experience course. "This, if it is allowed to make fire," says Gsell. But you can not blame the ancestors: "In every age people used the forest as it was necessary for them." How to manage the forest with softness today can be learned in a different way in a playful way.

The adventure course opens on Thursday morning. On Friday at 7 pm the social part starts with beer towels, at 20 o'clock the music company Muhen plays. On Saturday at 2.30 pm, chronicler Kurt Rey presents his anniversary edition «450 years of forest Muhen». On Saturday evening there will be rock concerts from 6.30 pm, on Sunday Sandra Rippstein sings from 3 pm onwards.

More information about the festival can be found here.

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