The predators of René Strickler can now be seen in the Bernese Jura

The Sikypark officially opens its doors in Crémines in the Bernese Jura on Saturday (Saturday). In this zoo the big cats of the former circus veterinarian René Strickler from Subingen have found a new home SO.

In June 2017, Raubtierpark Subingen AG acquired the former Siky Ranch plant in the Bernese Jura around Strickler. The capital had previously been increased by 2.1 million francs. With the move to Crémines, the company was able to prevent forced eviction in Subingen.

Strickler had previously filed a complaint against the house of expulsion in the federal court. The new owners have now put eight million francs in the renovation of the zoo and in the construction of new predator facilities, as they announced on Friday.

Cougars, lions, tigers

Until now, visitors to the Siky Ranch have been able to see mainly cat and puma. Now three pumas, three lions and six tigers from the Subinger Predator Park have been added. Most of them have been in circuses for a long time and are now retiring, so to speak.

In addition, birds of prey, domestic and domestic animals and exotic small animals and birds live in the area. These animals also included capuchin monkeys, who accompanied the circus knees.

"Double happiness"

The operators of the Sikyparks describe the entry of the Subingen AG predator in Crémines as a "double windfall": in addition to the fact that Strickler's animals had been given a new home, the financial Siky Ranch could also be saved.

The Sikypark, with its own stop on the Solothurn-Moutier railway line, measures 50,000 square meters. It was partially open since autumn 2017. The Siky Ranch has been around since 1972.

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