The prison will be renewed for 45 million francs

The Cantonal Council has approved the loan for the rehabilitation of the Bachtel prison. But only because the government council was willing to compromise.

Jan Hudec

In the Cantonal Council it has been agreed that the Bachtel prison is in a bad state. (Image: Dominic Steinmann / NZZ)

In the Cantonal Council it has been agreed that the Bachtel prison is in a bad state. (Image: Dominic Steinmann / NZZ)

Dostoevsky would probably have enjoyed it: when the canton of Zurich at the end of the 19th century a Correctional Center & # 39; wanted to set up for young people, he bought a farm in Ringwil with the appropriate name & # 39; Kellerloch & # 39 ;. Since then much has changed at the location in the municipality of Hinwil. Today, adults in the Bachtel execution center (VZB) serve their sentences. Almost half of them are because they have not paid any fines or fines, they are employed in the affiliated farm.

No art in construction

The prison is currently in poor condition and needs to be renewed. This was also agreed on Monday in the canton council. But there were costs to discuss. The investment estimated by the Government of around 50 million francs was clearly too high for the majority in the preliminary advisory committee. "It really does not need art in construction in the prison center," said Sonja Rueff (fdp., Zurich) on Monday, and Martin Hübscher (please, Wiesendangen) said that the planned barn was twice as expensive as comparable buildings. However, under political pressure, the government was prepared to make adjustments and to get 5 million francs from the property loan. The majority in the council could support this compromise, even though it still seemed expensive for ordinary people.

But resistance came from the EDU. Peter Häni (Bauma) filed a request for rejection. The current proposal can not continue the farm, which has lost valuable jobs for the prisoners. Working with animals would certainly make more sense for the prisoners than the unscrewing of screws. AL and EPP also supported the rejection petition: "Are only dead stop technicians on the committee?" Early Daniel Sommer (aff Affoltern) in the room. Critical voices also came from the SVP. For example, Peter Preisig (svp, Hinwil) said that the left counselor would prefer that the prisoners be treated instead of farming.

The SP Council of Government Jacqueline Fehr replied that the farm would be maintained. "If the inmates now work with cows instead of sheep and goats, this should not matter much." A good and diversified employment program, however, fits very well in the canton. The better the detainees can handle their situation, the less care is needed. Moreover, vacancies must be accessible. For example, the government council writes in its instructions that a significant proportion of the instructed persons have not completed the professional training. Many are also physically battered or drug addicted.

The rejection petition finally had no chance and was rejected with 128 to 32 votes, the loan approved the loan with 149 to 4 votes.

30 extra seats

The prison will be rehabilitated and expanded in 2020. This yields 30 extra seats. It needs it because the previous entry department was closed in miles. Tasks are not saved by merging the two departments.

From the meeting of the Canton Council

Annoyance due to list numbers. Smaller but nonetheless established parties, such as the AL or the EDU, have to deal with a problem in the elections for the national elections: they are assigned the list numbers. So the AL received the number 19 at the last election and was two places behind the anti-PowerPoint party. Only the parties represented in the National Council receive lists with their electoral strength. Representatives from AL, EPP and EDU want to change this. Their parliamentary initiative requires that the non-national parties of the Council receive list numbers based on the number of votes in the last elections. There would only be a lottery decision for parties that did not participate in the previous elections. However, the Cantonal Council is against the initiative on Monday and rejects it by 133 to 20 votes. The rejection is not fundamental in nature, the law can not be adjusted in time for the upcoming elections, ie the tenor. The government council, however, intends to adapt the law on political rights to the forthcoming elections.

No Andelfinger Kesb. The SVP wants to have its own authority for the protection of children and adults (Kesb) for the Andelfingen district. However, the cantonal council granted a corresponding parliamentary initiative with 110 votes in favor and 51 votes. The majority finds the connection of the district Andelfingen on the Winterthurer Kesb reasonable for cost reasons. Moreover, wine-growing communities would lag behind today's solution.

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