The Swiss defense company Ruag wanted to export this minster to Qatar – economy

On Wednesday evening, the Swiss federal accounting firm (SFAO) condemned the "Rundschau" program of SRF television in the possession of the uncensored SFA report on the licensing practice of arms exports.

The broadcast reported Wednesday on the black parts in the report. The SFAO published its report at the request of Seco and the federal department for economic affairs, education and research (WBF) with blackmailed bodies.

The fact that the "Rundschau" received the document completely and did not darken was regrettable, EFK director Michel Huissoud of the agency Keystone-SDA announced. The disclosure of the confidential report was punishable and could be prosecuted by the competent authorities.

In a report published on Monday, SFAO came to the conclusion that the ban on arms exports to war countries had been broadly interpreted and that the legislator had left enough gaps to circumvent it. The Seco Authority should "keep a critical distance to the supervised companies and their lobbyists," asked Financial Control.

De Seco criticized the report. He does not indicate that the Federal Council and Seco would only carry out the legislative will. He also pointed to errors.

It created "the impression of a political assessment of the export of war material and the legal regulations", wrote the state secretariat in his advice. "As a result, the report appears to be rather one-sided, not very distinctive, and individual findings seem arbitrary." (SDA)

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