The Zurich police must obtain Bodycams quickly

"If the police had worn Bodycams on Saturday night, we could have made excellent photos," said Zurich police commander Daniel Blumer on Monday for the media. People who are so violent against other people are criminal. "You must condemn and condemn them."

At the end of Saturday evening a stabbing took place on the promenade on Lake Zurich. Two men were easily injured, an 18-year-old badly injured. When the police and medical workers arrived on the spot, they were attacked by partially masked persons with bottles and stones.

Only with the help of rubber, tear gas and a water cannon did the forces succeed in pushing the rioters back. The police had mobilized reinforcements. But even during the rescue operation, the 50 to 60 police and paramedics were repeatedly attacked by a 300-strong crowd with bottles and stones.

"The paramedics were only able to get through to the injured under police protection," said guard Karin Rykart on Monday. They should have exposed themselves to the risk of being hurt themselves. «This is absolutely unacceptable and is condemned in the strongest terms».

Rykart therefore wants to submit the application for the introduction of Bodycams to the Zurich city council as soon as possible. "I realized that this measure is necessary," said the head of green security, which until recently was skeptical about Bodycams.

Your employees would need special protection in such situations. "There are more and more people who clearly have no empathy." In any case, the police in Zurich have for some time observed an accumulation of attacks on police officers.

From January to July 2017, Zürich's city police had 60 cases relating to violence and threats against civil servants, according to police commander Blumer. Five people were injured. In the same period this year there were already 88 cases – with eleven injured. "The trend continues," Blumer said.

Partly for this reason, former Chief of Security Richard Wolff (AL) started the project "Police Work in Urban Conflict Areas (PiuS)" and took measures. "Some of them are now being implemented," Rykart said. Also planned are video camera's at public hotspots.

The Bodycams are also part of it. In a pilot test of 36 weeks, their use was tested in Zurich last year. The evaluations showed that the cameras have a de-escalating effect. The police had been pushed and kicked less. The cameras were always set when a person threatened to escalate control.

It will take a while for the police officers in Zurich to use the small device on their uniform, but in difficult situations in the future. First the city council has to find it now.

If he approves the proposal, the company comes to the city council, which is responsible for the necessary legal basis. The political processes need their time. She can not say how long it takes before the police are equipped, so Rykart said.

Posted on 20.08.2018 | Updated 6 minutes ago

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