These ladies want to be an apple queen

The seven finalists for the election of the Thurgau apple queen 2018 have been announced. Sixty young women have signed up for the increasingly attractive Krone.

"In the Thurgau one knows the apple queen and in Switzerland he enjoys an increasing reputation, which means more applicants, more orders and more sponsors," says Nadja Anderes, director of the Thurgauer Apfelkönigin office. The growing popularity is mainly due to the chosen social media channels. "Two years ago, we invested much more time in our social media channels, and most applicants see on Facebook that we are looking for candidates again," says Anderes, the reigning queen of the apples, Marion Weibel, who is mainly active. posted lots of photo's of her time as an apple queen.

Established and sympathetic finalists

Marion Weibel was elected Queen at Olma. This year's election will take place on 26 September at the WEGA phase in Weinfelden. «We are very satisfied with the selection of the finalists. We have very different women and they are all very well placed, sympathetic and social, "says Nadja Anderes, but she has no favorite." From experience I know that the choice itself always looks different from the casting. At the casting you may have two or three favorites. But that can change quickly. »

Besides the crown there are also many gifts for the queen

These seven girls want to become Apple Queen: Melanie Maurer (21) from Sulgen, Michelle Büchel (21) from Braunau, Sabrina Keller (21) from Ermatingen, Karin Neff (23) from Hosenruck, Caroline Steiner (28) from Frauenfeld, Jana Neusch (22) from Berg and Céline Laager (22) from Oberhofen. In addition to the crown, a small car, 2,000 francs of prizes, numerous gifts from the partners and interesting encounters at fairs, events, media events and sponsor commitments await the winner for the current year.

If you want to know more about the individual candidates, you will find a video about each finalist on the youtube channel of the Thurgauer Apfelkönigin.

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