«This is criminal violence without any motive» – Switzerland: standard

According to the highest police officer in Switzerland, there is no panacea for the increasing public violence. The first measure remains more police presence, says Stefan Blättler, chairman of the conference of the commander of the canton group.

"Violence in public space follows a familiar pattern," Blättler said in the program "Saturday Rundschau" by Radio SRF. It depends greatly on the Ausgehverhalten. Disputes occur mainly during the weekend at certain times and at critical locations such as car parks, train stations, bus stops and bars and night clubs.

"If the police are present at the critical moments at these hotspots, this has a dampening effect, which shows our experience," said Blättler, police commander of the Canton of Bern since 2006.

"More presence also means more people," he continued. However, Blättler did not want to mention a concrete number of a corresponding question from the journalist.

Too much office work

But not only because of the increasing violence, according to Blättler, more policemen are needed. He sees a major problem in the fact that the administrative burden of the police has increased considerably in recent years. "The policeman spends more than half of his working time behind the computer," said Blättler.

This has led, among other things, to the new Code of Criminal Procedure. In this area, the police commanders in cooperation with the public prosecutor's office tried to obtain the policy to obtain help for the police.
Another challenge, according to Blättler, is the "24-hour society", which has considerably expanded the working hours of the police.

New threats such as cybercrime and terrorism would have made the work of a policeman much broader and more diverse, but also more demanding.

Horror and speechlessness

The reason for the interview with the highest police commander in Switzerland was the brutal eruption of brass band last Saturday in Zurich. A crowd of 300 people attacked the city police in Zurich with stones and bottles when after a stabbing they wanted to reach the boulevard of the lake. Two policemen were injured during the operation.

The matter aroused horror and speechlessness with him, as with everyone who looked at it, Blättler said. It was about criminal violence without any motive. These are perpetrators, who must be identified, brought to justice and convicted.

Photo & # 39; s: Zurich: police and medical personnel attacked

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