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Despite low temperatures, drizzle and an autumn wind, about a hundred aviation enthusiasts attended the baptism of one of the last Thun-built aircraft, a Dewoitine D.26, at the International Bückertreffen. Only the guest of honor could not be present at the actual baptism: because of a rainfall over Lausanne, where the Dewoitine should start, the pilot could not take his attack on Thun to Thun.

"When it rains, the pilot sees nothing and has no tools to fly by, for example, you would not drive a motorbike in pouring rain, it is comparable to flying the Dewoitine," explains Andreas Wegier, OC chief of the International Bückertreffen, out. "As soon as the weather improves, the Dewoitine flies to Thun via Neuchâtel."

Close relationship

In order to be able to do baptism anyway, the organizers decided without delay to keep the baptism with the help of the already present Dewoitine, who bears the name "city Grenchen". "The city of Thun and the Waffenplatz are closely linked to the rise of the Swiss Air Force": with these words the commander of Waffenplatz, Hans Jörg Diener, opened his baptismal address.

From 1915 to 1955 the Kleine Allmend was used as a military airfield and from 1915 to 1943 aircraft were manufactured in Thun for the Swiss Air Force. "With the baptism of one of the last Dewoitines built in Thun, the eleventh largest city in Switzerland now has the late honor to give its name to an airplane built here," said Diener. Witnesses of Dewoitine were the city council president Andreas Kübli (GLP) and Sandra Ryser (SVP), former city chairman.

Acceptance and hope

Of course, the baptism of the Dewoitine could not miss the good wishes. "I would like to quote Wilbur Wright, who said:" The only dangerous thing about flying is the earth. "When dealing with the elements, man had to realize that, despite the best preparations, he could be confronted with powers that exceeded his abilities, "he said, Hans Jörg Diener." So baptism is not only about naming, but also about the acceptance of these realities and about the hope that in these existential situations you are not only dependent are of your own strength. "

To close the baptism, the name of the helicopter was given to "Stadt Thun" and glued the coat of arms of the city with tape. "The Dewoitine now wears the name Thun into the world, we wish the Dewoitine a good flight and everyone who flies with it, that they return safely to earth, "said the commander of the shooter at the end of baptism.

Others also affected

Because of the bad weather, the foreign vintage planes, which would arrive yesterday in Thun yesterday, did not start as planned. "Everything went perfectly organic so far, and now we just hope that Peter is well disposed towards us, that the remaining plane can still come," OC president Andreas Wegier said. "There were already a lot of people here and the oldest plane on the occasion of the flight has already made it from Bern to Thun."

(Berner newspaper)

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