Töff-Raser films 180 offenses – Richter is stunned

A Töff driver stepped into a mobile traffic control, the police took a picture – and became suspicious when they discovered a Go Pro camera on his helmet. Then the researchers found countless evidence. A total of 27 films evaluated the police. To see it: no less than 180 traffic violations. Among them are 100 gross and six qualified gross violations of the Road Traffic Act.

Now he was standing before the court of Zurich – and before a bewildered court chairman. It is incredible, according to the "NZZ" during the process. He has never seen such a series of traffic violations, "and I am an old hand". He was a Töff driver himself. "But because of your driving style you wonder if you really have so little."

Accelerated to 190 km / h

An example of a trip across the Nordring in Zurich: the then 24-year-old accelerated to 170 km / h, passing five vehicles on his left. Then he went back to the center and squeezed between two vehicles – at a distance of less than a meter, as the newspaper quoted from the charge.

He then accelerated to 191.6 kilometers per hour, going from the entrance to the Gubrist tunnel over a distance of 3.6 kilometers "countless vehicles" that drove left and right of him. He made such trips time and time again.

The process took place in the abridged procedure, as the "NZZ" reports. The court imposed a conditional prison sentence of two years on the husband, with a probation period of two years. His Töff, a Yamaha, was prepared and sold.

Töff drivers convince themselves

Time and again, Töff-Raser creates a sensation, because with the Go-Pro they film their fantastic attractions. Last year, the police searched for a driver who drove 300 km / h (!) On a Swiss highway. Recently the cantonal police of Vaud could convict a 21-year-old Swiss, who had filmed himself, while he drove through an area of ​​the 80s with more than 200 km / h. (Neo)

Published on 15.10.2018 | Updated at 15:45

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