Too expensive taxis: «We do not know if this is the intention» – News Zurich: City of Zurich

Jürg Niederhauser, the results of the study of your institute show: the majority of the controlled taxi drivers in Zurich exceed the legal requirements, the taxi meters calculate too long a route. This is not the case in other cities. How do you explain this?

We have no explanation for the accumulation in Zurich.

However, they note in the report that this may be a deviation that occurred during the installation of the taximeter. So you have an estimate?

We see in the measurements something that we interpret as an offset, that is to say a deviation that already existed at the beginning of the measurement.

That means it's on the device?

Not necessary. It can have different reasons for a service.

However, the accumulation in Zurich must have been irritated.

Yes. That is why we specifically identified them in the report.

They are not based on collective manipulation. Why?

We do not assume that the taxi drivers have gained an advantage by manipulating the meter. We noticed that when we took a taxi. On the basis of the measurements it can not be said whether there is an intention behind the frequent exceeding of the statutory requirements.

But the taxi driver is responsible for the accuracy of his meters.

That is how it is. The deviation can also be due to a systematic error of the devices. But we did not check the taxi drivers, only how the taximeters measure. Taxi organization is the responsibility of the cantons and municipalities. We are solely responsible for the measurements of the devices.

Insiders claim that Zurich taxi drivers switched to small wheels after calibration, making the measured distance longer.

That would be theoretically feasible. During the measurements we looked at the dimensions of the wheels. We did not notice that a taxi driver had assembled the wrong wheels. But actually we are not responsible for the wheels. The police check with taxi drivers whether the wheels of the taxi's meet the information in the test reports.

In Bern, a taxi driver was not included in the investigation because of too small tires.

It was so clear that this would have led to a misinterpretation of the measurements. But we have not noticed anything in Zurich. Otherwise we would have recorded it in the report.

What are you doing in Zurich?

The federal government can not do anything. The city and the canton are responsible for taxi services. We have pointed out that it is important that the self-checks of the taximeter are carried out as prescribed. Then it can be detected in time if a measuring device no longer meets the error limits. We will certainly repeat the measurements based on the results. It will most likely be considered as Zurich again. We advise within three to five years. (Tages-Anzeiger)

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