"Tote Büsi almost every week": Karin Bertschi equips recycling paradise – others were faster – Wyna / Suhre – Aargau

"At our carcass collection point in Reinach, the dead Büsi are dumped almost weekly, which have been run over somewhere," says Aargauer recycling entrepreneur Karin Bertschi (28) on the "Blick". Most of them are employees of the local construction agency, who bring the carcasses into the recycling paradise. That is why it remains uncertain who the owner or the owner of the dead animal is.

This will now change: the collection point in Reinach will receive a chip reader. The community has approved Bertschi's proposal. The device extracts the code from the microchip that some cats wear under the skin instead of a collar. The code is sent to the building authority Reinach, which has access to the national database, where cat owners can register their animals.

"A Büsi often belongs to the family and I am very happy that, even if the message is not beautiful, we can contribute to processing the loss of the animal," says SVP Vice President Bertschi, who also owns a cat.

Reader widely used

The Bertschis cadaver collection is not the first with a chip reader. As an overview of AZ shows, many collection points already have the technology. For example, the Fricker Building Authority has had a reader with its regional cadaver collection center for almost ten years.

However, the chip does not promise absolute certainty to find the owner of the pet: if a Büsi is seriously damaged on the street, he can easily be lost. (MWA)

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