Toxic fluid leaked in the port of Basel on the Rhine

In the Rijnhaven in Basel a chemical accident took place on Friday afternoon. According to the chemical adviser, there was no danger to the population, as reported by the district attorney of the Canton of Basel-Stadt.

After reloading a container from a train wagon to a ship in port basin 2, it was determined at 1 pm that a sticky liquid had run out.

The container, which was loaded with environmentally hazardous substances, was then immediately taken to security in a designated emergency reception area and the fire brigade was informed. The leaked liquid may be bound.

Why the liquid leaked from the containers into the container is not yet clear and subject of investigation by the criminal police of the public prosecutor. In action were the paramedics of the rescue Basel City, patrols of the police, the professional fire brigade and the industrial fire brigade Basel and the chemical advisor.

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