Traffic change at the A1 feeder in Lenzburg – News

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In Lenzburg, traffic will have to be diverted to and from the Bünz Valley from next week – and this for about two and a half years.

The construction work on the cantonal road construction project A1-Zubringer Lenzburg (Knoten Neuhof) started a little more than half a year ago in March. The second construction phase will start from next Monday. Moreover, there is a big change in traffic: the Hendschikerstrasse between the Helden building and the parking garage of the vocational school is closed. That for about two and a half years, as the Aargauer Baudepartement announces.

Tunnel construction from September

The excavation of the well begins in September with the core of the project, tunneling. The tunnel is used to run the daily 22,000 vehicles on the axis between A1 and the Bünztal through the Neuhof area to the east of Lenzburg without crossing and signaling. The commissioning of the tunnel is planned for the end of 2020 at the earliest.

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