Travel motor with 50 students in tunnels in the Jura burst into flames

All occupants of the vehicle could come to safety. Due to the major damage caused by the fire, the Montaigre tunnel between Pruntrut and the French border may need to be closed for months.

(SDA) In a tunnel on the A16 at Pruntrut JU, a French tourist car went up in flames early on Thursday evening. 50 students, three companions and the driver can be brought to safety and leave the tunnel via the emergency exits.

No one was seriously injured. Three people complained about breathing difficulties. They were taken to the hospital of Belfort (F) with an ambulance, as the cantonal police Jura reported. The students are students from the art academy in Belfort.

The car was at 17:30 on the A16 in the canton of Jura van Delsberg in the direction of Boncourt. The driver had detected smoke from the engine in the rearview mirror and was able to stop the vehicle on the right side of the road in time. The canton police said Jura on request.

Images of a reader reporter on the Jurassic Radio RFJ website showed a lot of smoke. The car is completely burned down. The only thing that remained was the skeleton, as seen on a police photo of the accident scene.

Some of the infrastructure and electronic installations of the tunnel were destroyed by the heat of more than a thousand mille, a police spokesman said. Because of the major damage, the tunnel would have to be closed for several weeks or even months.

The section of the motorway in the direction of France will remain closed during the repair work. The Montaigre tunnel is located between Pruntrut and the French border. The reason for the fire is unknown. A collision with the walls or another vehicle could be ruled out, the police explained. The public prosecutor has initiated an investigation.

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