Travelers may use the Durchgangsplatz in Rothenburg until the end of 2020

Because construction work on the site at the exit of the motorway in Rothenburg is not expected until 2021, travelers can not only use the site as a transit port until September 2018, but – as the canton and the municipality have decided – until the end of 2020, a solution.

In order to improve the operation, the driveway for travelers has been moved to the west, the canton and the Rothenburg community said on Monday. In addition, the space would be visually improved and the order of the location for the operation would be specified.

Since the spring of 2017, the authorities have provided travelers with the provisional transit point in Rothenburg. This is because they had to leave the area in Kriens Nidfeld, which had been occupied since April 2016.

The cantonal parcel in Rothenburg Station is defined in the canton plan as development focus. In June, the Government Council approved the partial review of spatial planning and the development plan. However, construction work is only expected from 2021, as it goes on. Therefore, the temporary use as transit point can be extended until the end of 2020.

As the owner, the canton is responsible for the area and offers all necessary facilities. The company is organized by the municipality and the canton in partnership. The residents' costs of 15 francs per tractor with caravan and per night go to the local community.

Still no fixed solution

Since May 2016, a working group has been working on finding permanent permanent and transit places for travelers. So far, around 100 areas have been evaluated, it continues. There were still no sustainable solutions to be found. The search for one to two long-term stand and transit places will therefore be continued, but the requirements for a place are high.

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