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Minister of Foreign Affairs Ignazio Cassis wants to save negotiations with Brussels and protect Switzerland from EU sanctions with a much relaxed framework agreement. According to several independent sources, he plans to plan this plan next week Bundesrat present.

The idea is very simple: Cassis wants to propose Brussels to split the framework contract. A first undisputed part of the planned framework contract must now be signed. The unresolved questions on the other hand will be corrected later.

Swiss and Brussels negotiators agree on a mechanism to resolve bilateral conflicts. Instead of the EU's original request, it is no longer the EU Court of Justice, but an arbitral tribunal that has the central role to play in resolving disputes about the application of bilateral agreements.

Switzerland does not want to take European citizenship

Only the SVP speaks of unacceptable & # 39; foreign judges & # 39 ;. All other parties indicate that they can live with this solution. Cassis therefore wants to clean up this part of the contract with Brussels in the autumn and close it in the winter.

At the same time, however, a so-called memorandum of understanding with Brussels states that the precise scope of the contract must only be clarified within five years. The question whether Switzerland should take over European law in the area of ​​wage protection and therefore has to adjust the accompanying measures is provisionally excluded.

This also applies to European citizenship, which Switzerland does not want to take over. It is feared that this will prolong the social assistance claim of EU citizens in Switzerland. The question of the conditions under which the cantons could continue to run cantonal banks in the future without violating the EU ban on state aid also remains unclear.

Face save thanks to partial performance

Cassis responds to the domestic atmosphere. This was tipped after the trade unions had dropped talks about the Europeanisation of wage protection measures. Three weeks ago, the leaders of the SP, FDP and CVP called for suspension of negotiations if the flankers could not be secured.

Cassis now plans a partial deployment. Bern, which promised a contract by the end of the year, and Brussels, which had demanded such an ultimatum, should be able to save his face. And, above all, the EU must be prevented from returning. The headquarters of the EU hinted that it could no longer recognize the Swiss stock exchange.

The Federal Council has virtually no other choice

Whether Brussels reaches the deal is open. And whether the federal green light of the Cassis Council will decide for its rescue operation, next or the following Wednesday. In the federal parliament, various departments state that the government probably has no other choice. Because a solution to the unanswered questions is still far away.

Yesterday Minister of Economy Johann Schneider-Ammann welcomed cantons and employers for the latest discussions on the reform of accompanying measures. The results have not been published. But because the trade unions boycotted the last round, a consensus solution was impossible anyway. In the Bundeshaus, therefore, hardly anyone is of the opinion that the federal Council Cassis will sign a general contract. (Sunday newspaper)

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