Up to 33 degrees: that was probably the last heat day of summer – Switzerland

The highest temperature rose in Gösgen SO with 33.1 degrees Celsius. Basel-Binningen reported 33 degrees. Otherwise it was widespread between 30 and 32 degrees, as Meteonews meteorological service announced on Wednesday.

The highlights of Tuesday were again exceeded. However, the annual peak of 36.2 degrees on August 5 in Sion was out of reach.

Even at the end of August or in September, heat days are still possible at individual stations. However, the heat days in the lowlands are the exception in September and only take place every five to ten years.

According to current forecasts, the last common heat day of summer 2018 is likely to be measured on Wednesday, Meteonews writes. In general, the record hot summer of 2003 remains unbeaten.

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