Vaud slaughterhouses shown for animal abuse

Two slaughterhouses in Avenches VD and Moudon VD were reported for animal abuse. Image: shutterstuck

Fear, stress and unnecessary suffering – Vaud slaughterhouses shown for animal abuse

Shocking shots of two Vaud slaughterhouses were completed early in 2018. The animals were sometimes cut without professional anesthesia, even in the presence of peers. In addition, the recordings are of a very brutal and non-type-appropriate treatment. The living beings are constantly exposed to fear and stress and suffer unnecessarily, as the "Blick" reports.

The video material of the two slaughterhouses in Avenches VD and Moudon VD was sent anonymously to the animal welfare organization "Pour l & # 39; Égalité Animale (PEA)". The compilation of PEA can be viewed on the internet – but the recordings are not for the faint hearted and can be disturbing. You can make the unscrupulous photo's here.

The animal welfare organization "Tier im Recht" (TIR) ​​has now announced the two above mentioned companies. Previously, it had to be clarified whether an advertisement was even possible, "because not all actions shown are in violation of the Animal Welfare Act." The stunning and bleeding of the animals through throat cutting is part of the slaughter process, "says Christine Künzli. from TIR. The treatment of the animals is, however, "disproportionate and does not correspond to the careful treatment as required by the animal welfare law". Moreover, dealing with the amazing equipment is simply unprofessional.

With TIR it is hoped that those responsible will be investigated through criminal proceedings. However, it is clear to PEA that the two slaughterhouses must be closed – or preferably all slaughterhouses in Switzerland, as the "Blick" reports. (From)

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