Velo detected when changing car, female cyclist badly injured – witness call Basel

There are still uncertainties in the accident. Has anyone observed something important?

Basel / BS A 54-year-old cyclist was severely wounded on Wednesday, August 29, 1818. When changing lanes, her bike was hit by a passenger car. Emergency sports doctor and paramedics of the rescue Basel-Stadt brought her to the emergency room.

Kapo BS / PN

The cyclist changed shortly before 18.30 at the M√ľnchenstein Bridge in the direction of Gundeldingen from the right-hand lane to the left to drive in the direction of Dreispitz. Her bike was caught by a passenger car. Trafficlaw enforcement now determines why there was a collision between the two vehicles.

In the 46-year-old steering wheel of the passenger car, the breath test gave a value of 0.0 milligrams of alcohol per liter of breath. Trafficlaw enforcement had to lock parts of the M√ľnchensteinerstrasse for about three hours for the registration of the accident.

Persons who can provide information about the accident are asked to contact the trafficlaw enforcement, Tel. 061 699 12 12 or via [email protected]

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