Violent act of Geneva: Pierre Maudet announces measures

After the violence against five women in Geneva, the responsible security director, Pierre Maudet, speaks for the first time. In an interview with SonntagsBlick the chairman of the conference of cantonal judges and police directors (KKJPD) announces measures. The aim is to strengthen the fight against violence against women and to coordinate them nationally.

The news reached you during the holidays abroad: a young woman was beaten up in Geneva in Geneva. What did you go through your head first?
Pierre Maudet: I was shocked. And then angry.

Angry at whom?
Against the guilty. For people who do that. My parents taught me as a child: you do not beat women. Unfortunately, this is still not self-evident for everyone.

Women were also touched and beaten at the Street Parade in Zurich. Will such cases increase?
The number of attacks has not increased, but the attacks are becoming increasingly brutal. Often they come from nowhere for no apparent reason. This phenomenon makes me worried.

The threshold for inhibition falls. How do you explain this?
There is no easy explanation for this. Alcohol and drugs are often involved. But it also has to do with the background of the perpetrators. Males from patriarchal cultures that are poorly integrated regard women as something inferior. The result: they get faster.

Is it not so easy to deport the problem to foreigners? The greatest danger for women is still their own four walls. Domestic violence mainly occurs in Swiss households.
Of course there are just as violent Swiss, we can not fool ourselves. But also in the home environment I hear from the police time and time again that women are not respected. Equality between the sexes is a cornerstone of our society.

Give an example.
Examples are cases of foreign men who are not aware of feelings of guilt when approaching the police. You do not find it objectionable to punish your wife with a bang.

One thing is clear: violence against women is widespread. Does it not take any handy measures to get the problem under control?
It is always easy to demand measures – just like politicians do now. Of course, more and more can be done. For example, we need to do more about prevention, promote the integration of migrants, train the police better in dealing with attacks and improve the exchange between cantons.

Cantons need to work more closely together?
Yes. And not just her. All actors dealing with the subject must cooperate with each other. Police, justice, victim support organizations, hospitals, schools.

How can such an exchange be ensured?
One possibility would be to create a national platform – similar to the Task Force Against Islamist Radicalization. I will do this at KKJPD level. The goal must be to share experiences in the fight against violence and to guarantee the flow of information.

Do you not need stricter legislation?
No. The laws for the punishment of the perpetrators exist. But they must also be enforced by the courts. The judiciary must not be deterred from severe punishment.

Often the actions are not recorded at all. The women refrain from an advertisement. They think that a message does not produce anything.
Most cases of domestic violence must be prosecuted. We can indeed improve the display behavior. We are all being challenged. It must be re-examined in society. The police must also perform a special task and create trust.

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