Walenstadt SG: Wingsuite pilot († 37) is dead

The jump from the Hinterrugg ended deadly for a wingsuit pilot († 37) on Thursday afternoon. The 37-year-old Pool is the last to drop a group of three from the grid position "Fatal attraction".

Then it comes to tragedy. For unknown reasons, the extreme athlete crashes shortly after 2:20 PM. His colleagues noticed for the first time that something was wrong when the Pool did not arrive at the landing site. His companions immediately informed the Rega, as the cantonal police St. Gallen writes in a message.

The man can find this in cooperation with the alpine rescue Eastern Switzerland. But ultimately the forces could only determine his death. The alpine framework of the cantonal police of St. Gallen is now investigating the precise course of the accident. (Rad)

Posted on 24.08.2018 | Updated at 12:28

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