Waterpant (mini-tornado) on Lake Zurich and Lake Zug

That is why today there was a spectacular water pant on various Swiss lakes

On Sunday morning water pants were made on the ground, Zurich and the Zugmeer. As the meteorological service SRF Meteo reported, these water pants look like tornadoes. However, they can also occur in low winds.

Unlike tornadoes, wind speeds in water trousers are much lower. On Sunday morning they were about 15 kilometers per hour on Lake Zurich and Lake Zug.

Water or wind pants on the Zurich and the Zugermeer

Video: srf / SDA SRF

In order to create the weather phenomenon, cold and very unstable layered air must flow over a relatively warm lake. Above the lake the air warms up and starts to rise. Depending on the wind conditions, this rising air revolves around its own axis. The vortex draws ever closer, becomes faster and sucks in water.

On Sunday morning, Lake Zurich was 23 degrees, but the sky on the shore was only 9 degrees. The air was also layered unstable, so the conditions were correct for the water pants with extra wind shear. If such a water spout reaches the coast, it collapses immediately because the necessary water vapor is missing.

Water pipes are a rare phenomenon in Switzerland, as reported by SRF Meteo. Because they often occur in combination with showers and thunderstorms, they are not visible. They are most commonly seen in late summer when the sea surfaces are still warm and the autumn air is cooler over the lake.

In Switzerland, Lake Neuch√Ętel is best for water sports. There the cold air from the Jura meets the lake in autumn. As SRF Meteo further informs, the water suits have not been forgotten since 21 July 2012 and from 5 September 2015 on Lake Zurich.

For example, three years ago in early September, a water spigot spilled over the Lake of Zurich


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