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The Swiss People's Party rubs astonished in her eyes. In the media, the three subjects with which the SVP grew up are dominated: EU, extraterrestrial violence and asylum. But SVP itself plays no part in any of the debates. In part, the political and journalistic opponents have nothing to do with their positions, you simply have not been taken over.

The most spectacular fraternization took place in the EU dossier. After the left there has never been a problem with immigration or emigration issues to weigh the EU legislation more heavily than the Swiss – now they suddenly turn to nationalism for wage protection. Of course they realized that in the future the EU would be in charge of concluding a framework agreement. The former SP
Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey said: "Swiss legislation protects better than the European." Christoph Blocher could not have made it any more crispy.

Equally amazing was the extraterrestrial violence, starting with the "Blick", the tricky subject formerly stored in the poison cabinet and never been noticed by special SVP proximity. After the incidents of last weekend – in the nightlife of Geneva and on the Street Parade – several women from the Maghreb and Tamil communities were hospitalized – a few editors took their hats off. With concentrated women's power they conducted a large-scale campaign against foreign violent criminals and left-wing female politicians, who would rather hide nothing in the world than foreign perpetrators of violence.

"Success has made SVP almost superfluous in its core business." [19659004] And then it came to the next SVP moment, in which the SVP played no part at all: instead of just asking for extra money as before, praising its own social sector and propagating further symptom struggles, some social Democrats, one of the first to mention the main problems in violence against women: the immigration of young men from patriarchal countries. A process that came down to a taboo end within the SP. Similar to, for example, the fact that SVP-landsadvocaat Andreas Glarner would be publicly enthusiastic about gay marriage.

In the asylum policy, the views of the People's Party have long been socially acceptable, throughout Europe. Requirements for strict immigration controls or forced return, with which the SVP could reliably generate news and outrage in the past, are now regarded as a rational realpolitik far in the left-green environment – and no one tears anyone in terms of attention.

A year ago At the elections, the largest party in the country floats in a vacuum. The success has made the SVP almost superfluous in their core business. Party leader Christoph Blocher has "completed his political affairs last year", says in the current "World Week". "When everyone copies SVP, SVP does not need it anymore," he said once. Maybe what Blocher meant as a joke suddenly come true. (Tages-Anzeiger)

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