"Why do cucumbers with shells have to be sealed in foil?" – News SonntagsZeitung: Leserbriefe

Migros and Coop irritate customers with plastic packaging
SonntagsZeitung, 12 August 2018

Since we used yellow plastic bags for empty plastic packaging, we have just realized how much plastic waste is in circulation. A full bag of plastic waste for transport every two weeks. If I remember earlier times, Tetra Pack was still a vision. There was an alucan to buy milk, with which you went to the milk factory and bought the milk that was still open, regardless of the season. It worked and no one died. The sausages were also bought fresh in the butcher's shop. And the meat was not chewed in the displays, and you could still determine the amounts yourself and did not have to accept as today 500 g in plastic packaging is given. A guardian par excellence! Why do cucumber cucumbers have to be welded back into plastic foil? A madness. And if you are willing to pay attention to how many different types of plastic protect us from bacteria, then I know how to make our world smaller and stifle it with plastic! Just go on, the holiday beaches scream in pain.
Axel Pierach, Rheinfelden AG

"There is little expertise in the field of asylum and migration in Brussels"
SonntagsZeitung vom 12. 8. 2018

The interview with Gerald Knaus shows that the German government has little room for an active, successful migration policy. It relies on the goodwill of states like Senegal to repatriate migrants, distribute migrants to the goodwill of other EU Member States, such as Poland or Hungary, as well as the identity and reasons of refugees from refugees. The lack of goodwill leads to the following conclusion: in the case of immigration, which is required for humanitarian reasons, there are only two honest solutions. Or you let everyone in, who wants – or not. The first solution was e.g. 1956 possible during the uprising in Hungary. In the current crisis this is impossible in the long term.
Gernot Gwehenberger, Dornach SO

A coach in conditional release
SonntagsZeitung vom 12. 8. 2018

The Swiss Football Association or its representatives are in crisis and have to say goodbye of the association and make room for new people. The incidents in the past with riots, riots, Doppeladleraffäre, burning torches in the stadiums, etc. Show the helplessness of those responsible in club management and club leaders. Sanctions such as game crashes or games without a viewer would be a means to put an end to these machinations. To date, all meetings have led to nothing for several years (even with the responsible club). Is there really a need for dead or badly injured people until something has been done about it? The cost of the riots (including the subsequent hospital costs), anyway, the taxpayers. Where does the trip go
Marcel Waibel, Reinach BL

Revolution in the board
Sunday newspaper of 12 August 2018

I have wondered for years about the accumulation of offices of some ladies and gentlemen Men. And the mandates are – without being disrespectful – not the leadership of a small non-profit organization. Nevertheless, the professional board members often manage to do the balancing exercise with a demanding operational task combined with administrative tasks. The layman is astonished and the professional – just professional board – optimizes his limits with self-imposed lack of sleep. Woe to those who show false weaknesses. The gentlemen and ladies with a pronounced management mandate – Sammelitis are, in terms of their boundaries, relatively advisory. The increasing pressure from the outside on this short-sighted model for the weather type is very favorable.
Pascal Merz, Sursee LU

View of a loved one
Sunday newspaper of 12. 8. 2018

If I want to separate twice, I do not want to throw stones. I also made my mistakes and, hopefully for the next time, I learned something from it. But I think this woman lawyer is a bit on the wrong track. In my opinion, the Lord is not willing to make everything public, otherwise he would have to bleed financially until his head buzzes. And he has his satisfaction. My recommendation: find a free man who also does not want, or no longer, to marry each other. For all people who should deal with it in the environment, that would be the best. And nobody gets hurt.
Anton Schuler, Abtwil AG

"He is crazy!"
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