Will the next generation still experience the beautiful beauty of the ice?

September 10, 2018

The topics environmental protection, greenhouse effect and melting of the glacier are on everyone's lips today. However, you can quickly become confused by theses that are so much on the internet. Who else can you believe?

In the weekend I prefer to spend my time in the beautiful mountains of Switzerland. After we have decided to take a walk in the UNESCO World Heritage Site Jungfrau-Aletsch, I investigate the area and the glacier. Here are some questions. Will the next generation still experience this beautiful ice cream? And what happens when the glaciers in Switzerland have melted?

On Sunday morning in the morning we are pulled out of the mountain hut in the cold and the fog. From Riederalp we walk to Egglishorn to Vordersee and then back to Fiescheralp. As we have previously read on the internet, part of the course is closed due to landslides. Also a result of the melting glacier. For us it means taking a small detour. During the walk the topic of conversation environment comes to our attention. I find it incredibly interesting how many disagreements there are only four of us.

At the foot of the glacier I feel for the first time this incredible power and dimension of the artfully curved ice. It drips in a bright clear blue.

When I see the ice melting, I am happy that my feet are stuck in eco-friendly hiking boots from Bächli Bergsport. I could never have believed that this ice cream radiated such incredible power. Unfortunately, this probably will not last that long.

As early as 2100 the Aletsch was gone, with the exception of smaller parts in higher areas. What comes to us then, one can only guess. It starts with water scarcity, the sea level will rise and there will also be landslides. The glaciers are also an important figurehead of Switzerland, and the mountains will no longer be as they once were. This clear blue ice will simply disappear.

But why have not we acted before and are we still doing too little for today?

I think we humans are too comfortable, and we are not ready to give up all our luxuries. It starts with small things. Few take a water bottle and refill it over and over again! No big deal, and if everyone sticks to it and we do not need bottles, that would be a big relief for our world. I own a KleanKanteen from Bächli Bergsport, which is very environmentally friendly thanks to its incredibly long life. And like this example, there are a thousand other small things that you can change without much effort.

After such an impressive day, I wonder how exactly did we reach that point? The melting of the glaciers is unstoppable. Such & # 39; s beauty will simply disappear.

(Gina Held)

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