With two years old child on glaciers in need

A group of 22 was on the way to the Monte Rosa cabin on Friday. It is located at an altitude of 2883 m above sea level. M. But the Russians – different families – did not reach them anymore. At 9.30 pm they made an emergency call on the Gorner glacier, as reported by the "Walliser Bote".

Earlier, the group had already been traveling for more than 15 hours. And according to the paper, it was certainly not smart mountaineers, but about six adults, two toddlers aged two and six, and a school class with more than a dozen teenagers aged 14 to 16.

Surprised by three thunderstorms

The day before, according to the "Valais messenger", they had spent the night in the restaurant Fluhalp, from where they left. The Zermatt rescue chief, Anjan Truffer, told the newspaper that the group was probably surprised by the demanding terrain along the moraine and lower on the glacier.

Although they were reasonably well equipped, but on the way in three thunderstorms and exhausted accordingly and soaked, Air Zermatt writes on Facebook. With four flights from Air Zermatt the group was flown to the base in Zermatt.

Because the rescue was completed in complete darkness and all persons had flown, the evacuation was a special challenge for both the pilot and the entire rescue team. In the village, the two toddlers were examined by a doctor. But they came away with slight hypothermia. (Neo)

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