Zuger Kunstnacht: There was something going on until midnight

She offered many creative surprises in Zug, Baar and Cham, framed by music, dance, literature and exciting encounters. The audience was interested from house to house.

Monika Wegmann

Zuger Kunstnacht: There was something going on until midnight

It is always something of a surprise box. One is curious and wants to know what's inside and what's going on at the Zuger Kunstnacht. From Saturday 17.00 the first visitors can be found at one of the 17 stations. Even if you have not passed it until midnight, you can say that it was an eventful night with exciting exhibitions, a varied program and fun encounters.

And if you compare the Culture Night with a box, this symbolizes the exhibition "Freshly Packed" in the Shedhalle. There 23 teams of artists present their cardboard boxes. Everyone is completely different. All are characterized by an imaginative design with paintings, texts and multimedia. Some are simply beautiful; For many, good humor is often associated with a socially critical approach. As with Bernadette Madörin (1947) and Ramon Bachmann (1978), who point to the food waste. Samantha Heller (1986) created morbid productions with drawings from her cohort Hedy Heller-Winkler (1928). Bruno Birrer (1943) and Gabor Schikula (1951) point out the dangers of power, money, politics – and also the art market. Birrer says with a smile: "It was not easy to decide between the many designs together."

Younger artists were sought

The idea for this exhibition comes from the curator and jeweler of Baar, Brigitte Moser. She wanted to launch a generative project. As Samantha Heller says, there were more young artists wanted for the teams, older ones were enough. "But during the construction Brigitte Moser was very surprised by the sometimes profound and socially critical works, their presentation forms and materials." The visitors are very interested in seeing and admiring the totally different works. Rolf Hegglin from Zug says: "Each box has a great imagination, and in part the artists are recognized by the result."

If you need a break, you can enjoy a soup in the Shedhalle or go with a glass of Prosecco next to Studio 63, where the art on the floor, on the walls and on the tables is unmistakable. Eleven artists are currently working in the rooms. One of them is Matthias Moos, who specifically realized the subject "below" with a slight projection on the floor for Kunstnacht: "I write the software myself for such work and combine computer technology with electronics."

Original materials reinterpreted

A door further down is the Hofstrasse, the Prehistoric Museum. The special exhibition of the ETH Zurich "BodenSchätzeWerte" highlights the role of raw materials with different stations. It informs in a playful way which raw materials we consume, how they are produced and transported and what risks they entail. Leander (12) travels with his mother and sister and read with horror that a lot of oil is needed for clothing. "It's exciting to see it once," he says, lighting the label of the plastic bag with the gummy bears.

In the museum you have to look a bit to discover the new work of the artists between the showcases with the exhibits from earlier times. Like the fabric objects from Grietje van der Veen, Basel, which fit so well with the installation in the stone age that is thought to be part of it. The glass bowls of Be & Rolf Grönquist, Baar, with their greenish patina look like they have just been excavated. Art mediator Anne Caroline Liechti confirms that the participants interpret the raw materials used in prehistory, such as glass, wood, stones, bronze and metal, especially for the Art Night in a contemporary way.

Refugees report their lives

It is really tempting to go to the next place tonight, where new actions are waiting again. The Kunsthaus has put together an interesting program in addition to the short manuals. It is well attended. People walk from one room to another and meet those in the bar they met in the previous house.

Above all, the performance of the Hungarian folk dance group Óperenciás attracts numerous spectators. "We want to preserve our traditions," says one of the dancers. In the songs and folk dances the spirited csárdás, which the couple shows in the middle of the photo exhibition of their compatriot Péter Nádas, are raised.

The following performance by Symphonyland & # 39; s three musicians from the Vienna Refugee Orchestra by Till Velden continues in an impressive way. And everything is quiet, as the Iraqi tells Achmed about his escape to Europe and how important the music is to him: "I play every day at my old age." The concert was intentional with the first presentation of the documentary "Ship of Tolerance" Connected by Remo Hegglin.

Especially the visit to the gallery Malte Frank, where two dancers in the show involve the audience and feel a sculpture. The exhibition by Sussi Hodel is interesting. She has reinterpreted some of his paintings as a tribute to Ferdinand Hodler (1853-1918).

There were also interesting things in Baar and Cham

The occasion, which is mainly aimed at young people, takes place in Arrigoni Art Trade & Art Space in Cham: here Sandra Schawalder painted with children, while they see their world.

Not the whole world, but the graphic artist and artist of Baarer Alex Stocker (1926-1954) loved and visited the south of Europe. His drawings in pencil, coal and oil pastels and oil paintings show native and southern landscapes and their people in the attic of the sister house in Baar. As an autodidact he developed an idiosyncratic style with a good sense of composition. Also interesting are his graphic works in the showcases. The cultural representative of Baarer, Claudia Emmenegger, is pleased with the exhibition: "These works are different in the depot of the community, including a large art collection, but we have few opportunities to show it."

Finally we go to the "Handy Nanny", where André Schweiger provides a funny outfit on the mobile phones that sleep in small cardboard beds. "Few can distance themselves from this, showing the reality of today," he says about his cut action.

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