Zurich National Counselor Regine Sauter does not run for the Federal Council – TOP ONLINE

Regine Sauter writes on Facebook that everything is good for her right now, as it is. That is why she sees a candidate from the Federal Council. At the same time she writes that the office as a federal councilor is attractive. At the end of the message Sauter Karin Keller-Sutter wishes good luck.

With the FDP Council in Zurich, another potential competitor for the St. Gallen president of the Karin Keller-Sutter Council waived a candidacy from the Bundesrat. Already the Ausserrhoder Council of States Andrea Caroni, the chairman of the state of Zurich, Carmen Walker Späh and the Zurich Council of States Ruedi Noser have previously waived a candidacy, this was also the name Sauter to play. St.Galler Keller-Sutter has announced that she will participate in the elections to the Federal Council for the FDP next year. She wants to be the successor of Johann Schneider-Ammann, who resigns.

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