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20 minutes – Cantonal Council wants to explain climate emergency

The climate emergency must also be declared in the Canton of Zurich: on Monday, the Canton Council sent similar initiatives on the left and on the green side. The government must now prepare a template. But she has a year for that.

This bill is then submitted to the cantonal council. Only then will the politicians decide definitively whether they want to declare a state of emergency or not. Until that is the case, climate policy issues are not treated as a priority – one of the demands that Monday sets.

GLP and Greens selected

Two weeks ago, the demand for a climate disaster in the Zurich Parliament had not had a chance. Since last week, however, the cantonal council has come together in a new composition. Now the attacks are paid for with a little more.

"Youth pressure works," says a report from the Junge Grünliberalen Zürich. Now it is time to stay informed, so that Zurich takes its responsibility in the climate crisis and sets a good example.

The GLP and the Greens won seats in the March elections, while the bourgeoisie, in particular the SVP, lost seats. The call to proclaim the climate disaster is now the first sign that determines the new majorities.

Teenagers demonstrate in front of the town hall

Before the climate debate, which took place all morning, young people again demonstrated in front of the town hall. Many of them then followed the discussion in the gallery, sometimes disguised as polar bears.

The climate situation has already been declared in the canton of Vaud, in the city of Basel, in Olten and in the Delsberg GO. This symbol, on the other hand, had no chance in Lucerne and Basel-Land. Corresponding initiatives are also being discussed in other cantons and cities.

More than 300 cities around the world have already declared climate need, including Los Angeles, Vancouver and London.

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