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20 minutes – Felicity Huffman confesses in tears

Actress Felicity Huffman ("Desperate Housewives") pleaded guilty to the university bribery scandal in the US on Monday. In tears, she acknowledged with money that her daughter's chances in a good place to study would increase.

According to the Boston Public Prosecution Service in Massachusetts, a judge is scheduled to announce the sentence on September 13. According to the prosecutor, 56-year-old Huffman should be detained for four to ten months and fined $ 20,000.

Huffman admitted that she had paid $ 15,000 for her Boston hearing so that her daughter would get better at the SAT entrance exam. She wanted to give her access to a better university.

Affordable admission

Huffman had already blamed her in April. She would have paid $ 15,000 in bribes to ensure that her oldest daughter's answers were later supplemented in the SAT nationwide placement test. Huffman, who has two daughters from her marriage to actor William H. Macy, circumvents the confession by taking a longer trial and a longer sentence. There are heavy fines for bribery in the US and up to 20 years in prison.

The scandal about university bribery had spread widely in recent months. To accommodate their children in Yale, Stanford, or Georgetown, dozens of celebrities and other wealthy parents have bribed employees into colleges and universities in the United States.

The bribes went to William Singer, who ensured a less skilled student through a sophisticated network. So he had test results fake and bribed coaches, the university applicants proved above average sporting achievements to win a sports scholarship.

Singer & # 39; s criminal organization collected a total of $ 25 million from parents. He has already pleaded guilty. No proceedings have yet been initiated against the universities involved.

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