20 minutes – Glückspilz wins more than 146 million francs

1, 8, 11, 25, 28 and the stars 4 and 6: are these figures in your Euro Millions account? Then you are now 146.3 million francs richer. A person correctly typed in all the songs on Tuesday night and now releases the huge jackpot.

Where the lucky winner comes from is not yet known. If you are not, you can try again Friday, but with "only" 19 million francs in the jackpot.

Swiss fabric in October

At the beginning of October, someone from Switzerland won the fabulous amount of 183,897,039.30 francs. The bet was only 24.50 francs. The lucky player comes from the Northwestern Switzerland region, either from the canton of Aargau, Basel-Land, Basel-Stadt or Solothurn, as announced by Swisslos. Details did not announce the lottery company.

(20 minutes)

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