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20 minutes – "It's just what Loredana has done"

The star rapper Loredana is said to have brought a couple from Wallis with 700,000 francs. The Lucerne Public Prosecutor has therefore launched an investigation. Loredana was in the charts several times with her songs, her videos were clicked millions of times.


Do you want to boycott Loredana's music now?

The big fan base of Loredana is upset. "It's just wrong what she did," says Ivan, 17, from Zurich. "I think it's good she was arrested." The case also caused Ela to shake his head (21). "She doesn't really need that," she says. The rapper should now be punished, as would be the case with another person.

You can see how Loredana's listeners react to the scandal in the video.


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