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20 minutes – now it's snowing in eastern Switzerland

It is still too early to put winter clothes in the closet. Today, winter is making a comeback and the snow is returning.


Does the cold wave affect you?

In Basel there is already heavy snowfall, MeteoNews tweeted on Saturday afternoon. Videos & # 39; s from readers' reporters show thick chips in Binningen BL and Allschwil BL, for example. But it also really snows in Bättwil SO and in Herisau AR. St. Gallen has also been sweetened, since MeteoNews writes and warns about winter conditions at somewhat elevated locations.

Now growers have to worry about their plants

On Saturday afternoon the snow line drops to around 500 meters, SRF Meteo wrote in the morning.

"On Saturday the wind will turn and bring colder air to Switzerland," Meteonews meteorologist Cédric Sütterlin explains.

On the northern slopes of the Alps, fresh snow can fall to higher altitudes up to 40 cm on Saturday afternoons. The federal government has issued a warning because of the heavy snowfall. There is security level 3 (out of 5).

It is also uncomfortable in the night on Sundays when the temperatures are around freezing. The snowfall continues to fall to deeper levels.

From the point of view of fruit growers, the beginning of the week is probably the low point of the cold. Frost is possible on Monday and Tuesday mornings, because most nights are clear.

That can hide the fruit plants. Already in April 2017 many farmers fought against frost damage. Sütterlin: "So & # 39; n weather is already exceptional for the season."

The fact that the weather is getting really cold is at a low point in Scandinavia. It brings cold air directly from the North Pole to Switzerland. Because she travels over the sea, she is also moist.

And mild spring weather is still not in sight. Although the weather will get warmer in the middle of the following week, the risk of rain will increase again. "There is more April weather," says Sütterlin.

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