20 minutes – "Stupid grin" is enough for an attack

It is reminiscent of a good old western. Eli Wallach grins, Lee van Cleef challenges him for the game, Clint Eastwood comes in, shoots both over the top and gallops into the sunset. Or something.

Hamilton benefits from the suffering of Verstappens in Brazil

In the modern Formula 1 version with Max Verstappen in the lead, fortunately nobody is even a hair bent, it just pushed around a bit. But the principle is similar to that of the (film) bandits of the 19th century. Verstappen went on a different driver on Sunday after the GP in São Paulo, because of a "stupid grin" on his face. Verstappen himself says.

An unnecessary crash

What happened? In the race came the Verstappen who were in charge, usually known for aggressive aggressive driving style, suddenly attacked by the already defaced Frenchman Esteban Ocon. The unexpected overtaking maneuver ended with a collision that was completely unnecessary, especially for Verstappen, which ultimately cost him the otherwise safe victory.

Of course Verstappen was angry. He, who despite his tender 21-year existence already has a reputation as a villain on and off the track hard. And he wanted to swap clear with Ocon when he suddenly stood before him in the pits after the race. And yes, Ocon & # 39; s version, he (as a gapped person) was faster than Verstappen (as a leader), can certainly be described as original or at least as a verbal pinprick – especially in combination with the "stupid grin" .

But Verstappen against the Frenchman was only because of his insulting facial expression, will hardly cause increasing sympathy with the Red Bull driver. Not even in an interview a few minutes later, he justified Ocon's views with the fact that he was just a "bastard."

Villeneuve is on the side of Verstappen

But to stay with the good old West: just as little with the sheriff, but with the outlaw mitfie bouts, Verstappen also gets support. For example Jacques Villeneuve, world champion 1997. The Canadian does not think much about Ocon and his action: «Shameful. Ridiculous. Everyone saw what was happening. He has no feeling for racing situations. And he does not even apologize. & # 39;

After all, screaming, "dick" ago, there was also material for a happy ending. When their mind calmed down and the two explained themselves to the race stewards (Verstappen got two days of community training for aggressive behavior), there was also a picture of how the two handed over a hand. They do not have to drive together in the sunset.



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