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20 minutes – successor to Zoff-Wirt brings Bumann to help

The bad reputation of the Rusticana restaurant in Seegräben ZH spoils the new hostel couple Firat and Songül Özuc. The restaurant has been running since the summer of 2018, which had to close in April 2018 after many negative headlines. The visit of top chef Daniel Bumann in September 2017 ended for the then host Jürg Kammermann in a PR disaster.

Now the top chef visits the Rusticana for the second time with the program "Bumann, the restaurant tester". Firat Özuc got help from Bumann because it is resinous, as reported by the "Zürcher Oberländer" (Abo). "We are still suffering enormously from the ruined reputation," he tells the newspaper. And every time the program is repeated on television, this is noticeable in the number of guests.

New name for the restaurant

The fact that Bumann comes to a restaurant for the second time is an exception. But this is a special case, the newspaper quotes. He said that because of the previous history it was a special concern to have the young guest couple restart. And it looks good: "The kitchen is of high quality and good. You can see that a fresh wind is blowing here." In addition, the guest couple are very nice and friendly.

When Özuc reopened the bar in the summer of 2018, he did not expect the restaurant's reputation to be doomed: "A new name does not help. For people it would be the Rusticana," he said for 20 minutes . Now the restaurant should be given a new name, contrary to the recommendation of the restaurant tester. From June it is called "Antica Osteria".

The broadcast is broadcast on 3+ in the late summer.


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