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20 minutes – That's why Billie Eilish always wears XL outfits

At age 17, Billie Eilish is already the idol and symbol of a generation. Now the singer has reached a new milestone in her young career: among other stars the American is the face of the new Calvin Klein campaign "I speak my truth in # MyCalvins" (in English: "In my Calvins I am honest" )


Are you a fan of Billie Eilish?

How it works: Install the latest version of the 20-minute app. On the home screen, tap the top three tabs and then the gear. Bottom to & # 39; Theme & # 39; s & # 39; push the button to the right on & # 39; People & # 39; – it is already active.

Incidentally, the 20-minute People team is also en route on Instagram.

While other prominent testimonials such as singer Shawn Mendes (20) and model Kendall Jenner (23) show a lot of skin in the accompanying advertising clip, Billie presents herself in a sweatshirt and loose shorts. "You cannot fake authenticity," she says in one of the two places.

The reason for her loose clothing

Behind her distinctive look both inside and outside the campaign, which consists of wide sweatshirts and baggy pants, is a serious background, as she reveals. The 17-year-old wants to protect with the XL clothing namely before comments about her figure.

The Calvin Klein advertising campaign with all the stars. (Source: Youtube / CALVIN KLEIN)

"I want the world to never know everything about me," Billie Eilish reveals in a long version of the video. "That's why I wear broad clothing. Nobody can form an opinion, because nobody sees what's underneath." So people couldn't say she was too thin, she was too fat, her ass was too shallow or too fat.

Twitter users are enthusiastic

Billie is celebrated by her fans for her attitude. And the Calvin Klein brand is praised for the fact that the 17-year-old is not sexualized in advertisements.

The fans think it's great that Billie is the commercial face for a product that she doesn't even wear on the spot.

You may or may not like Billie & # 39; s style of clothing, but you understand why the singer dresses like that. "Many people just can't keep their offensive comments to themselves," writes this user.

However, some people find it a shame that internet scrolls affect how a young girl dresses.


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