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After Lucerne's shame: police arrested second GC hooligan

First the police took the hooligan leader Stefan N. into custody. Now the public prosecutor of Lucerne announces: a second chaot was arrested.

After the shame of Lucerne, a second Chaot was arrested. «Kapo Zurich has today taken a second man into custody on behalf of the Public Prosecutor Lucerne. Against him is determined because of coercion, "says Simon Kopp from the Lucerne prosecutor's office to look. The prisoner is one of the hooligans who stormed the field during the match between GC and Lucerne.

Now the Chaot is transferred to Lucerne and interviewed there. How long he stays behind bars is still unclear. First of all there is a deadline of 48 hours. This decision now determines whether a request for pre-trial detention is made.

The same applies to the neo-Nazis & GC-Ultra Stefan N. * (40). He also condemned an advertisement for coercion because of his rabid appearance, reported to the police on Wednesday. He's in custody. (JMH / noo)

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