Black Friday: Bargain hunters are losing their inhibitions in the home office

Black Friday started this morning. Because this year because of the Corona pandemic many customers from Home good business is expected from shopping, especially from online retailers. And according to retailers, customers are actually rushing to the discount offers, especially online.

“At our specialty stores, we register about one in the online section Doubling of orders compared to last year, ”said Migros spokesman Marcel Schlatter when asked by the AWP news agency. Together, the high frequencies in the online store and “controlled visits to the stores” led to a revenue increase for Migros that was roughly in line with expectations, according to Schlatter.

There is a particular demand for ICT products, but also other items for Christmas and for the home office, he said.

“We have started very well. The first products were sold out shortly after midnight ”, is the motto of the Migros subsidiary Digitec Galaxus. Vacuum cleaners and coffee makers “As warm Weggli” went away in the first hour of the discount day, said company spokesman David Kübler. According to Kübler, this year is particularly popular Cell phones, computers, televisions as well as all kinds of household items and toys.

Fewer inhibitions in the home office

Interestingly, this year the time when most people shop has been delayed by about two hours. “We recorded the second peak this year between 9am and 10am – during working hours. In 2019, however, we recorded the large crowds earlier: between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. – so on the way to work. That could lead to the conclusion that Workers in the home office are less reluctant to shop during working hours than at the office.

It is not yet clear whether Digitec Galaxus will live up to its own sales expectations this Black Friday. “In terms of turnover, however, we are still well above last year’s level,” said Kübler.

Online area also strong at Coop

The online area is also particularly strong at Coop, spokesman Andrea Ruberti told AWP. There is one on the online platform, but also in specialty stores such as or The Body Shop increased demand. The online niche has grown significantly since spring, which is still being confirmed, Ruberti added. He attributes this increase to the corona pandemic, which caused many consumers to switch to online shopping.

But also in the stationary sector the Black Friday offers that Coop sells are very popular. According to the current state of affairs, sales for today have developed “as expected,” the spokesman said.

Which items customers buy the most depends on the store in question. At Coop itself, it is mainly the electrical goods of its own brand Satrap that have been reduced by 65 percent. But also Toys, home textiles and advent calendars are very popular. When it came to electronics, people especially loved to shop Airpods headphones from Apple, Cameras from Sony or Televisions from Samsung. with significantly more website visitors

Business at is also booming, as company spokesperson Daniel Rei said upon request, “Sales of our Black Friday deals are off to a good start.” Consumer electronics and IT products are the most popular among customers this year, according to an initial assessment. also made it clear from night to today more visitors to his site firm than last year, as Rei said. The servers had withstood the high volume and the online store was easily accessible from anywhere. (sda)

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