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Bookmakers stop gambling on Meghan & # 39; s baby: "Someone knows something"

Is it there or not? Harry and Meghan are expecting their first child. Image: AP / AP

Bookmakers stop gambling on Meghan & # 39; s baby: "Someone knows something"

Oh, oh! That's something in the bush. Fans of the British Royal Family and the Duchess of Sussex, formerly known as Meghan Markle, eagerly await the birth of Meghan and Harry & # 39; s baby.

But there are rumors this Friday that the baby is already here. The planned delivery date was 28 April.

We summarize for you all the hints that indicate that the royal offspring has long since seen the light of day.

There would be bookmakers …

As you know, they always know more than the rest. Anyway, the bookmakers of the famous "Paddy Power" gambling shop will no longer bet on this Friday that Meghan & # 39; s baby is already there. There were simply too many bets on it, reports the British "Sun".

A spokesperson for "Paddy Power" told the gossip press that it means "someone knows something".

And the speaker knows even more:

There were also suspicious ambulances …

BBC journalist Simon McCoy tweeted Thursday that ambulances with coaches could be seen in Windsor. & # 39; Own ambulance spotted with police escort in Windsor. I'm just saying it. »

And then Prince Harry also made an appointment …

For the following Wednesday the prince with the red hair must actually travel to Amsterdam. Now Harry has canceled the trip, reports British broadcaster Sky News. However, a trip to The Hague on Thursday should take place according to plan.

Does Harry have to take care of the baby until then?

We are curious. And stay informed!

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