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Clown Mugg is dead – glarus24.ch

Stunned and unfortunately we have to report that Urs Muggli aka Clown Mugg died later Tuesday afternoon May 7 during a bike ride on Klausenstrasse. He hurried to the "Bergli" for reasons that were still unclear and remained immobile. All resuscitation measures were unfortunately not successful.

The circus family and staff are deeply saddened by the premature death of Mugg. He was only 59 years old and still had so many plans and ideas. His sudden death leaves a great sadness and a very large gap in the company.

Nevertheless, circus life must continue. The family has therefore decided that the start of the season will take place next Sunday in the usual context. She is convinced that Mugg wanted it that way.

A few hours before his death, Mugg also gave the "Gut zur Druck" for the book "Circus Mugg. A story to be surprised about."

Mugg will continue to live in the book and in the company. And he will always have a place in the hearts of those who know him as a gentle and happy person. He is resting in peace.

The circus family and all employees of the Mugg circus

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