Corona and the sense of smell – don’t smell, taste nothing

The loss of sense of smell or taste is now considered a major symptom of Covid 19’s disease. New research shows what happens in the nose.

Loss of taste: Even the best cake can no longer please the Covid 19 patients.

Loss of taste: Even the best cake can no longer please Covid 19 patients.

Photo: Claude Prigent (PhotoPQR)

It is quite annoying when the most delicious smells disappear. When cooking and eating anyway, but also the aromas of autumn leaves, advent magic or the stuffed animal on your lap are suddenly missing. Unpleasant odor traces are no longer detected, but the quality of life is still significantly reduced. At the start of the pandemic, the sensory disorder was only seen as a side effect, but the patients found it particularly troublesome.

In the meantime, restrictions on odor and taste have long been identified as one of the main symptoms following infection with Sars-CoV-2. According to the German Robert Koch Institute, complaints are registered in 21 percent of those affected. In specialist articles a frequency of 30 to 40 percent is sometimes given. Especially in patients who have hardly any symptoms, the lack or altered sense of smell is often the only thing that noticeably disturbs them.

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