Corona: These are the first signs and typical symptoms

There are many symptoms that can occur with coronavirus infection. You must pay particular attention to these signs.

Corona Pandemic
changed daily life in Germany. The virus is constantly present, both in conversations with friends or acquaintances and in the media. Many people are therefore unsure about the symptoms of the disease and wonder: Could I be infected with the pathogen?

Corona: The variety of symptoms is what makes Covid-19 special

Unfortunately, this question cannot be answered definitively without a corona test. Because it’s just the variety
those caused by the pathogen
that is what makes Covid-19 so special. The Robert Koch Institute therefore speaks of “non-specific symptoms”.

Coronavirus – The most important news at a glance

But there are some
for infection with the
which are particularly typical and usually appear early after infection. In principle, the following applies: The first symptoms are usually expected one day to two weeks after infection. Because the so-called incubation period can take so long, people who may have become infected must also be quarantined for 14 days.

Coronavirus: These symptoms often occur early

The fact that the first symptoms only appear after more than ten days is extremely rare – if not excluded. According to the Federal Department of Health, it usually occurs after five to six days
Symptoms of illness
. These are usually:

  • (dry cough
  • fever
  • sniff
  • Smell and taste disorders

Corona – More information on the topic

The latter conditions in particular are typical of a coronavirus infection and distinguish them from a cold or flu. Otherwise it works
Often similar to these diseases, especially in the beginning, which makes differentiation so difficult.
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Colds, flu, corona – this is what distinguishes the diseases

Infected with the coronavirus? You must do this now

Anyone who fears being infected with the coronavirus should contact the medical watch service (116117) or his / her
General practitioner or his general practitioner
turn. Getting on a car or train and going to the practice, on the other hand, is not a good idea: you could infect other people on the road or on the spot – and this should definitely be avoided.

The doctor in question then decides whether a
Corona test
is necessary and possibly one
must be observed. The patients then receive test results through their physician, health department, or the Corona Alert app.


Corona – More on the topic

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