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Domestic priority is not enough – Magistrate with leadership claim – News


The appearance of the new federal councilor Karin Keller-Sutter today was enlightening. Seconded by Social Affairs Minister Alain Berset, the Saint Gallen presented complex measures to increase the potential of domestic labor. This was already done by her party colleague and former Economy Minister, Johann Schneider-Ammann.

But today it was about something completely different. Keller-Sutter emphatically rejected the social partners and thanked them several times for their work in drafting these measures in recent weeks.

With the goal in mind

Keller-Sutter emphasized that after the "end" of last year, the social partnership now plays again. Why is she doing this? Because she has an agenda and needs the social partners. The aim of Karin Keller-Sutter is to save and protect the free movement of people for the future.

Justice Minister Keller-Sutter has already launched an initiative to end the free movement of SVP on the radar. Keller-Sutter said openly that it would help to fight "with the social partners" in the election campaign.

Bridge and foundation

What she did not say today is that the social partners and the left will need more if a framework agreement with the EU is to have an opportunity for the population. Their commitment to the domestic labor force is therefore seen as a bridge or basis for the future, so that the European political coalition (including social partners) plays again.

Today it was also a question of placing the new Minister of Justice in the European file. She has been doing that since her first day at work. Why she and not the Minister of Economic Affairs is acting today, she was asked. Because the free movement of people is a matter for their department – the FDJP – it responded quickly.

That may be true, but today Minister of Economic Affairs Parmelin could imagine the internal measures to strengthen the labor force in this country. He was prevented, it was said. Whatever.

No coincidence

The appearance of "KKS" was probably no coincidence. The ambitious Saint Gallen has realized that if she succeeds in the SVP initiative against free movement in a year, she will remain the savior of the Bilateral, not Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis. He should actually manage the European file.

We once had a similar situation with former minister Simonetta Sommaruga and former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Didier Burkhalter. It was also there that the Minister of Justice and not the Minister of Foreign Affairs was responsible for the implementation of mass immigration.

Conclusion: today shows that the new Minister of Justice has a clear plan and an agenda for European policy. This is beneficial after having spoiled many federal councilors for years in this central file for Switzerland. And secondly, Karin Keller-Sutter today announced her claim to leadership in the newly formed Federal Council with its clear appearance.

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