Fallout 76: Bethesda has planned all of this numerous content

Tomorrow, November 14, 2018, the new online RPG Fallout 76 will be officially released, but Bethesda also looks to the future and has a lot of new content planned for the title.

Tomorrow the waiting is over and Fallout 76 is in the starting blocks as a full version. Then you can move into the franchise for the first time through an extensive online world and discover all kinds of post-apocalyptic game content. Bethesda would like to keep you in the future with lots of new content in the bar, as shown by an open letter on the occasion of the release.

In this open letter, Bethesda first thanked all employees and studios involved in completing the online game. Then you dedicate yourself to the planned future updates, which should bring a lot of content.

Among other things, new Vaults, the rearrangement of game characters or a faction-based PvP mode are promised. Concrete data for the individually planned content, called the developers, initially not yet; a concrete roadmap is therefore still under consideration.

In principle, the extensive DLC plans around Fallout 76 are anything but surprising, as previously Bethesda emphasized that they intended to support and update the game "forever". For the first time, fans now have a more concrete picture of what is planned in detail. In particular, the fraction-based PvP mode sounds interesting.

The future DLC content on Fallout 76 will be offered for free and will be available to all buyers of the main game. The development of the content and its release should be financed earlier by the micro-transactions in the game.

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