Fighting against bad image – software maker dares to flee forwards – News

  • Russian IT company Kaspersky today opened the first "Transparency center" in Zurich.
  • User data from European users are now stored and processed in Switzerland.
  • Previously, Kaspersky had heavy fire. The company was accused of too little distance from the Russian government.
  • More and more Western countries have, for fear of espionage, banished their authorities to use Kaspersky software.

Up to 350,000 new viruses appear per day, according to industry estimates. More and more devices, new forms of threat are emerging. Kaspersky program & # 39; s designed to help. Being a Russian company is a big advantage, says founder of the company Eugene Kaspersky, not without irony: "Russian software engineers are the best." Russian cyber criminals are the worst. "We are the first to observe highly professional cybercrime, because Russian cybercriminals first Russian victim. "

Trust is top priority for antivirus program manufacturers. Because anyone who has installed such a program, inevitably transfers personal information to the company. The confidence in the Russian anti-virus company Kaspersky has been damaged since the indictment in the room, the company has too little distance from the Russian government. Kaspersky reacts promptly and dares to flee forwards.

No more data in Russia

To scan their customers' data for malicious software, they must be temporarily stored. This data will be honored abroad in the future, close to the customers. Today the company opened a first such data center in Glattbrugg in Zurich. In this transparency center, Kaspersky provides authorized partners with insight into the source code of their own products. This is also part of the transparency strategy.

Kaspersky wants to take advantage of the Swiss image of neutrality, says European Commissioner Ilijana Vavan: "Our data is now also very safe, but now we want to show everyone who does not want to trust a Russian company: our data is not in Russia, they are in Switzerland. "

Switzerland is a popular location

An increasing number of internationally operating companies store their data in Switzerland, says IT expert from the University of Northwestern Switzerland, Hannes Lubich: "Switzerland has high site security, high security of supply, and the political, economic situation is stable. the companies that come to Switzerland benefit from the good reputation of Switzerland and they have better access to customers in Switzerland. »

No more data packets need to be sent abroad for processing – this is something that some customers are looking forward to. In times of fear of data theft and cyber crime certainly not a bad strategy. Whether the data in Switzerland are better protected against hacker attacks becomes clear.

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