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Game of Thrones: these 10 stars are in the spin-off

The new series "Game of Thrones" takes shape – these 10 stars are there

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While "Game of Thrones" is coming to an end, fans start to get nervous: how does it go after the last battle for Westeros?

Do not worry, children, because of course HBO has no interest in lowering its financial flagship without vocals. No, "Game of Thrones" continues – in the form of an unexplored prehistory to play thousands of years for their mother's series.

That means: new actors have to come! The first ten of them have now been solved and what do we want to make sure that you already know at least half of it …?

Naomi Watts

Image: Joel C Ryan / Invision / AP / Invision

Naomi Watts & # 39; casting for the prequel has been known for some time. At the age of 50 she is the oldest of those who have already been booked, but she is certainly the best known, who has played in many Hollywood films ("King Kong", "Birdman", "Ring").

Their (main) role in the new series "Game of Thrones" is also the only one that has already been given a description: a "charismatic celebrity hiding a dark secret" ("Hollywood Reporter").

Toby Regbo

Image: Getty Images North America

Everyone who loves historical dramas knows this face: in the series "Reign" Toby Regbo (27) played the French crown prince and later King Francis, in the Netflix series "The Last Kingdom" he imitated the Æthelred, also (vice-director). ) king. And those who have watched "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1" and "Fantastic Beasts – Grindelwald & Crime", will have seen him as a young Dumbledore in photos & flashbacks.

Although none of these players know what role they will play in the prequel "Game of Thrones", but at least on the basis of Toby Regbo's previous series, a royal role can be assumed …

Naomi Ackie

Granted, Naomi Ackie is not yet known to many people – but that will change by the end of this year, as the 27-year-old British actress plays in the last part of the current Star Wars trilogy, although we do not know in which role.

Georgie Henley

Does she feel vaguely familiar to you? There is a reason – because this British actress became famous as a child, but was not seen in large productions afterwards.

Well, did you click it? Georgie Henley starred in "The Chronicles of Narnia", the smallest sister Lucy. The last part of the series is now nine years old and as a 23-year-old Georgie Henley is now in the & # 39; GoT & # 39; universe.

Sheila Atim

Sheila Atim is probably not a concept – that is because she has been seen mainly in British Shakespearean film changes, and only for two or three years. On Twitter she has about 3000 followers – let's see how that changes as soon as she preaches Game of Thrones …

Jamie Campbell Bower

Image: Brent N. Clarke / Invision / AP / Invision

This 30-year-old Englishman was also featured in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" and "Fantastic Beasts – Grindelwald & Crime" – as a young Grindelwald. In another film series he had a bigger role: in the "Twilight" films he imitated the Volturi brother Caius and in "Sweeney Todd" he played along. Therefore, we suspect that he will also get a slightly darker role in the "GoT" Prequel …

Denise Gough

Denise Gough is one of the (so far) few older actresses for the prequel: the Irin is 38 years old and should be familiar with British theater visitors.

Ivanno Jeremiah

Even Ivanno Jeremiah is still a largely empty slate: except for guest roles in "Black Mirror" and "Doctor Who", the Englishman did not have a big appearance so far (at least in this country).

Alex Sharp

Image: Evan Agostini / Invision / AP / Invision

The Englishman Alex Sharp is only 29 years old – and the youngest Tony winner of the prize "Best actor in a play". He also comes from the theater industry and has already been successful on New York Broadway – and we are beginning to realize that HBO would like to be a theatrical actor in the serial boat …

Josh Whitehouse

This man is best known when you've been in the British streets lately – because he hangs on advertising posters from Burberry and promotes his new perfume. His cast in the "GoT" Prequel has also been known for several months – but unlike Naomi Watts, he is a little familiar face, apart from small roles in British TV productions. But what has to change with a leading role in the prequel …

And what can we expect?

"Game of Thrones" developer and author of the book series George RR Martin does not want to betray too much, but already hinted that the prequel could play in an era called "The Long Night" is known – what Martin called himself a potential serial title.

And of course, HBO could not leave the series plans completely uncommented and this short text was published as follows: "Only one thing is certain: from the terrible secrets of the story of Westeros to the true origin of the White Wanderer, from the mysteries of the East to the legendary Starks – it's not the story that we think we know. "

No pilots, but a six-meter long crocodile:

Cartoons in real life:

More from the film and serial world:

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