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Google Nest Hub: one device for everything

Google has introduced new Pixel smartphones and now brings face recognition to the network with a smart display speaker.

Jochen Siegle

With the Pixel 3a and the larger 3a XL Google announces cheap smartphones, but with the powerful camera technology of the advanced devices Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL connected. The Pixel camera can take good photos even in low light. Artificial intelligence ensures balanced results.

The camera dissolves with 12.2 megapixels, the front camera for selfies comes to eight megapixels. The 3a with 5.6-inch display costs 399 euros, the XL version with 6-inch display is sold for 479 euros. The new Pixel smartphones are expected to be released at the end of May.

Smart speaker with display

In the new & # 39; Google Nest Hub & # 39; the software of the Google Assistant AI ensures that voice-controlled Google services such as YouTube, Google Photos, Google Calendar or Google Maps can be called up. Searches can also be formulated verbally. With the seven inch screen, the Nest Hub can replace a simple home computer.

But it also serves as a control center for a connected home and can control smart devices for the home, such as lighting, thermostats or security cameras. The "Nest Hub" is available at the end of May for € 129. The competitive device of the American online retailer Amazon, the Echo Show, is considerably more expensive.

Face recognition in the Smart Home

Google is also launching its "Screen Speaker Home PC" in an integrated camera version, but the "Nest Hub Max" device will initially only be available in the US, UK and Canada.

Face recognition function allows the device to detect which family member is in front of the screen and automatically display matching content on the 10-inch screen. For example, users must be able to turn music on or off with gestures. Face recognition is disabled by default, according to Google.

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