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How much tofu will a portion of meat replace?

The list of reasons why you should eat meatless is long. Apart from the arguments for animal and environmental protection, there are also reasons for health. Instead of meat, you need a variety of substitute products such as seitan or tofu.

The protein transporters

These substitutes not only serve the taste imitation of meat, but are particularly important as a protein source. That is why the Federal Center for Nutrition (BZfE) compared the protein content of tofu with that of meat and clarified that meat contains more than twice as much protein as tofu: according to the food pyramid an adult must eat 500 grams of tofu up to a protein content of 200 grams. to get.

However, note the following: 500 grams of tofu has more than twice as much energy as 200 grams of meat, so the BZfE. The person who attaches importance to his weight must take smaller amounts of tofu (200 to 300 grams).

Legumes as a substitute for tofu

The Federal Ministry of Food recommends: vegetarians can still get their protein costs by using legumes such as beans, peas, lentils and products made from them.

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