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Keanu Reeves talks about his Töff in the Swiss-Moto

Hollywood star Keanu Reeves arrives today in Swiss-Moto! BLICK spoke to him beforehand about the desire for the bike and his own brand, Arch Motorcycle.

We know him from the movies "Matrix", "Speed" or "Point Break". Keanu Reeves is one of the greats in the film industry. And he has his own motorcycle brand! Together with customizer Gard Hollinger he founded Arch Motorcycle in 2011. How did he start with the Töff passion? «At 22, on a shoot in Munich. A sound engineer traveled with an Enduro. I asked if I could drive and she taught me. & # 39;

His heart is from Norton

For the 52-year-old the beginning of his passion for motorcycles: during filming, he buys a bicycle on the site, drives it and sells it back to the dealer after completing the film. His heart beats Norton, among other things: "I now have four of them, all commandos." They look great, with their raised exhaust pipes, and they smell good. "

The own brand

Why then Arch? Hollinger rebuilt a Harley Dyna for Reeves: "When I saw how great he works and what he does, I wanted him a completely new custom bike, he built a prototype and I drove and loved it. must build this bike, not just for me. "But Hollinger adorned himself; it is not until 2011 that he agrees.

Today they present their KRGT-1 together in Swiss-Moto.

Hollywood Bikes for Switzerland

From now on, the exclusive custom bikes from Arch Motorcycle in Switzerland can be ordered. Motorcycle specialist Speedbox from Wettingen AG takes over the import and shows in Hall 3 (stand D03) from Swiss-Moto together with Speedbox oil partner Panolin from Madetswil ZH, two of the first examples of model KRGT-1. The bikes are produced in small series; the customer can individualize to the last detail (delivery time currently four months). The drive is taken over by a V2 from S & S with a cylinder capacity of two liters. Price of KRGT-1: CHF 109,000.

New online magazine from Töff

For the opening of Swiss-Moto today the two Swiss specialist titles "TÖFF-Magazin" and "Moto Sport Schweiz" launch the brand new online motorcycle magazine moto.ch. The focus is on current news, informative motor tests, exciting reports, explanatory guide stories and dreamy travel contributions from far and wide – in text, images and video. moto.ch is also present on social media.

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