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League rules out GC leader Stefan N.

The competition strikes: Stefan N. and four more chaotic players are no longer allowed in the stadium.

The big question after the game accident in Lucerne: will Stefan N. be banned from the stadium, or is it the alleged leader of GC hooligans on Thursday in the match against YB in the Stade de Suisse?

"You know him who did not have a hood and immediately gets a stadium ban because of entering the lawn," said Federal President Heinrich Schifferle in the "Tages-Anzeiger".

Here GC-Chaoten rushes to the edge of the field

Only what does that mean immediately? Already on Thursday GC meetings in Bern degraded on Master YB.

In the usual way, the time had hardly been enough for a stadium ban on Thursday. Because the stadium ban must always be delivered with a registered letter and this must be actively picked, it sometimes takes weeks between judgment and execution.

But this time, the competition responds immediately and imposes five GC chasers – including Stefan N. – stadium bans that apply immediately. In total, the SFL applied to the police to identify all 57 people who entered the Lucerne field. A stadium ban should be pronounced against everyone.

"It is our duty to all peaceful football fans, those people with a long-term stadium ban, to prove that they intentionally disrupt the normal course of the championship and do not abide by our rules," says League CEO Claudius Schäfer.

And further: "The physical and verbal attack on a player with dark skin was particularly shocking. We must all work together fiercely against racist thinking and any form of discrimination."

Referee Dudic to his size

«We have corrected for a game crash»

The competition has learned and sent the stadium ban twice – written and also by A-Post. That is why the ban comes into effect immediately. Stefan N. is not allowed on Thursday at the Stade de Suisse!

Host YB is responsible for implementation. The organizer organizes access control to the stadium. Whether it is with the help of the police will not reveal. For tactical reasons, the Bern police do not provide information about their risk game planning.

If Stefan N. should nevertheless appear at Stade de Suisse, he is confronted with accusations of forbidden territory. The GC Chaot was not only involved in the two canceled matches in Lucerne and Sion. As TV photos & # 39; s show, Stefan N. was also in the cup at Nyon at court, as GC fans first asked their players' shirts (see gallery). (Red)

GC fans: «We do not tolerate racism»

Two days after the game was canceled, the GC fans also commented on the incidents at the Lucerne Stadium. Because their own crew had "massacred" emotionlessly, they had to pull the rope, the Zurich wrote about the "sector IV" platform.

"Racism, fascist behavior and any other kind of extremist behavior" would not be tolerated in the curve. GC has an open mind, also towards other cultures.

The jerseys blackmailed by the GC players were donated according to their own information.

Lindner tries to settle here

The most important parts of the GC-PK

«Fans wanted players to take off their clothes»

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